Are you having Hormone Imbalance problem?

Do you know that 83% of women suffer from hormone imbalance? And they say that it has negatively impact their life in many areas. 

If you are facing hormone imbalance, you are not alone. Even myself used to suffer from it. But now I feel much better…

Are you facing these problems?

Irregular period
Irregular or painful periods

Your period don’t come as per schedule? Often when it comes, you feel a sharp pain in your stomach. And you feel so uneasy that you just feel like laying down without doing anything.

Unexplained weight gained

You notice that your weight has been increasing even you did not eat much. You have tried to eat less but the weight didn’t reduce. And this makes you feel uneasy and less confident.

Hormone Imbalance Low Sexual Desire
Having low sexual desire

Are you often feel tired and not in the mood to have sex? You try to enjoy and be interested in it as you don’t want to affect your relationship. But somehow you still do not have the drive. And this has concern you on your relationship? Also one of the reasons of not getting pregnant is because of hormone imbalance.

Hormone Imbalance Mood Swings
Mood Swings

You always having irregular mood. For no reasons you feel moody or sometimes angry. Sometimes you scold your loved ones without reason. You know that you shouldn’t do it but you just can’t control it. And your family don’t understand it. They’re blaming on your behavior.

Hormone Imbalance Depression
Anxiety and depression

You notice that your family always say that you worry for little things and overthink. And you have no idea why you feel so. Or sometimes you just don’t feel like talking and want to be alone? You don’t feel like joining big social event?

Can't sleep well

Every night you try hard to sleep. But when you close your eyes, your brain is always thinking and you can’t get into the sleep. You can’t even control your brain. You try to calm yourself down but it takes long time for you to fall asleep? And you feel very tired the next day.

This is how you can change...

7 Wonders Regular Period Menstruation
Regular and painless period

Imagine when you have a regular menstruation cycle. You can have better family planning as well as better calender planning when go for trip. Also how would your daily life be when you have painless period? Your appetite, your daily activities and working time.

7 Wonders Weight Management
Better weight management

Don’t misunderstand! I’m not saying you can eat anything you want without worrying of getting fat. What I mean is you won’t get fat for no reason. You can have better control over your weight. How do you think it will impact your life and career if you stay in shape. When you looks great and feel confident!

7 Wonders Healthy Sexual Desire
Healthy sexual desire

Happy marriage happy life. When you are happy everyday, everything turns out well. With healthy hormone, you get to have a healthy sexual life and not having issue of getting pregnant. Also when your relationship is better with your loved one, you tend to have less argument. Imagine how will this impact your life.

7 Wonders Mood Management
Better mood management

You feel calm and relax day in day out. You get to control over your emotion. Imagine how this will improve your relationship with your family? Your family would not be fear of your emotion breakout.

7 Wonders Prevent Depression
Prevent depression

Your mind tend to be more clam and more cheerful. You will be less worry over minor little things. Laughter is the best medicine. When you are cheerful everything just turn better! Your health, your relationship, your career and your life.

7 Wonders Sleep Better
Sleep better

You can easily fall asleep every night. Your mind is calm and you would not keep thinking. You can have proper 8 hours deep sleep. With this, you feel energetic throughout the day. Imagine how this will impact your daily life and career?

What they say?

“I can better manage my mood and I regain my confidence. With positive emotion every day, it helps me build positive relationship with family and business. In short, 7 Wonders gave me a new life. “

Business, Mom.

“My emotion is more stable. I’m more positive and confident now. Now I can focus on my career and my family better. I’m very satisfied with how  7 Wonders changed my life”

Librarian, Mom.

“Totally change my aura. My emotion is stable now. I feel positive and energitic when I meet up with my client.”

Interior, Mom.

“Before this I need medication to help me on my emotional health. With 7 Wonders, it helps me get positive and emotionally calm. Now I do not use medication. “

Lecturer, Mom.

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Secret of "Mandi Bunga" that few one knows...

It change your luck...

Gritz Mandi Bunga


Let me tell you an open secret that not much people are doing…

And those who practise it…

They are doing well in their life!

They are having a good partner, great and happy family, they are not having worries on their finance and health.

How I found out about this? I was told by my best friend Fateh.

I was curious how she can have good life while I’m trying so hard but my life are still the same.

I asked her “Fateh, can you share me your secret? Why your life is so good? You’re living my deam life”

I did not believe on what she told in the beginning.

But I was thinking “Hmm… no harm doing it. If it doesn’t work, it doesn’t hurt me.”

I still remember well. Before I practise it, my life wasn’t great. I was having a very hard time doing my business. Nothing goes smooth.

Spent on advertising but nothing happens.

Spent money on doing website but I met with the wrong agency that charge me high price and produce a bad website that don’t deliver result.

And most of the time I was facing problems after problems.

I was so stress. Facing problems everywhere with very limited resources.

And once I back home, I have to face my family while acting tough. But nobody understand what I’m going through.

Once I practise the SECRET, my life changed ever since

It is so weird. I don’t know how to describe it. But somehow, things starting to become smooth. And I think the luck starting to be on my side.

I was so lucky to meet with the right person through friend’s friend when I’m on the verge of giving up.

And ever since then, I’m moving towards the right track in my business.

Now I’m living every single day with positivity and shining aura. What malay say is “Aura Berseri”.

With positivity, everything change. My life just attracts the right people. With the right people it attracts fortune.

And I want this to be happen to you as well!

Because I truly understand how sad and how helpless it is when you are in the bottom of your life.

I want you to have good luck that attracts the right people and fortune.

And this is the power of “Mandi Bunga” or so called Flower Bath.

Mandi bunga is practised traditionally in Asia by many races such as Chinese, Indian, Malay, Balinese and many more with the purpose of throwing the bad luck away.

With Mandi Bunga every day, you can restart your life in a POSITIVE and LUCKY way every single day before you leave your house.

With what I practise, I know it wasn’t easy to collect flowers for Mandi Bunga. We are so busy every single day.

This is the reason I created 7 wonders. It is a magical formula with 7 types of flowers that brings positive and luck.

It is the modern way of Mandi Bunga that brings luck every single day.

Imagine how will it impact your career and your life if you are having positivity and luck every single day.

If you want to have Aura Berseri, click the cart button and buy now!

What's in it?

7 Wonders Lavender


Lavender can helps reduce your menopausal symptoms, such as hot flashes, headaches, and heart palpitations. Lavender helps keep your cortisol levels stable while calming your body and mind and supporting your libido. It also promotes healthy hair and scalp, healthy sleep.

7 Wonders Rose Ombra

Rose Ombra

Also known as the ‘Queen of Flowers’. It is good for your emotional, spiritual and physical health. Especially good for your skin in terms of anti-aging. This mean you can look younger. If you or your family is having skin inflammation problems such as eczema, psoriasis, it can help reduce it.

7 Wonders Rose

Rose Otto

Rose essential oil is an excellent tonic for your womb whereby it helps to calm premenstrual tension, promoting vaginal secretions and regulating the menstrual cycle.  It is believed that Rose able to support the sexual difficulties.  Rose is considered to have a soothing effect on your body and mind. As for your spirit, use Rose to open up your heart and restoring your body and soul.

7 Wonders Clary Sage

Clary Sage

Clary Sage is an effective oil to balance your hormone and help for long-term health of your uterus. It also helps you to promotes healthy hair and scalp as well as keeping your cortisol levels stable while calming your body and mind. It also naturally lowers our blood pressure by relaxing the brain and arteries.

7 Wonders Ylang-ylang


Ylang ylang is best-known for its intoxicating aroma. It will calm and uplift your mind and body while relieving stress and tension. It also helps you to reduce anxiety and depression. This oil is also great for combatting low libido, another common symptom of hormone imbalance. It promotes a positive outlook and provides antioxidant support.

7 Wonders Geranium

Rose Geranium

Geranium known as natural phytoestrogen which will support and balance your estrogen hormone levels while supporting a healthy mood. It also promotes good skin, healthy hair and helps you to relieve depression. 

7 Wonders Jasmine


Jasmine is a superb hormone balancer and fertility.  Very good for post-natal depression and for breastfeeding mother who wants to promote the flow of breast milk. You can use Jasmine to relieve spasms in the uterus and soothe menstrual pain so may be a contender for you if you suffer with PCOS or endometriosis. The aroma is deeply relaxing!

What you get as bonus for FREE

Gritz Bath Salt (Worth RM 89)

Himalayan Salt is proven to bring many benefits such as promoting skin health, better sleep, healthy blood sugar, reduce blood sugar and many more.

Most important is Gritz Bath Pink Himalayan salt that infused with Rose Essential Oil and lavender buds can bring Ultimate Relaxation to your tired and hectic life. It helps calm your mind and body so that you can have a good sleep to re-energize yourself for the next day.

With every day use that enhance your mood to face your life in the most positive way!

Hormone Care Ebook (Worth RM 59)

Having the hormone imbalance problem as above?

I understand it doesn’t feel great.

Don’t worry!

In this Ebook, you will discover the 5 Natural ways to get your imbalance hormone fix the quick and safe way!

Once and for all, get your hormone imbalance fix!

Secret To Balance Hormone Featured Image

7 Wonders - Hormone Balance Essential Oil

7 Wonders Women's Hormone Balance Essential Oils

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Gritz 7 Wonders Set B

Set B: 42 Days

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Gritz 7 Wonders Set C

Set C: 84 Days

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7 Wonders Side

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How to use 7 Wonders?

How to buy 7 Wonders?

Still unsure? Your first 21 days 7 Wonders is on me! FREE!

Gritz Deliver Result.

A 21 day supply of 7 Wonders which includes the FREE Ebook value at RM 59 and FREE Gritz Bath Salt value at RM 89 can be purchase at RM 169

But since you probably can’t visit Gritz office in Kajang, I want you to feel totally secure about your products. I will let you try the 21 days 7 wonders at my risk completely for FREE! I will only charge you for the second 7 Wonders.

Because this is how I feel. After you have improve your hormone, having regular and painless period,  having less mood swings, able to sleep better and having a better relationship with your partner, you don’t mind paying for the second 7 Wonders.

And if you’re not satisfied with 7 Wonders after your 21 days trial, send us back the second 7 Wonders in original packaging without opening and we will have FULL REFUND to you. No questions ask!

I’m so confident that you will love how 7 Wonders transform your life, I’m willing to take this money risk.

So do you want to have first 21 days FREE trial from me?

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So what you waiting for? 

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Our 7 Wonders is limited as every bottle is hand bottled by our team! Hence, we can’t produce many.


7 Wonders is a blending of 7 essential oils extracted from Lavender, Clary Sage, Ylang-ylang, Jasmine, Rose Otto, Rose Ombra and Rose Geranium.

7 Wonders will help in all problems related to female hormone imbalance such as improve stamina or energy level, irregular or painful periods, weight gain, low sexual desire, headache, difficulty sleeping, mood swing, anxiety and depression.

Besides, 7 Wonders is known to create wonders in life. It brings you luck and positivity. It will help you create a shining aura and be the best version of you.

7 Wonders is is carefully blended by the Founder who is a Certified Aromatherapist, IFA (UK). 

7 Wonders ingredients are natural and does not contain any harmful chemicals that will cause side effects.

However, if you have any allergy or do not feel well when you are using it. Please stop using immediately and consult doctor.

Based on our customer survey, they see improvement in their hormone problems and also having a better mood management after 1 bottle of 7 Wonders. Which is about 21 days.

Notes: Result may vary from person to person.

Different woman, will have different results. However, we recommend you to use this oil for at least 5-6 bottles to see the significant results.

There are 4 ways to use 7 Wonders:

  1. Add 7 drops of 7 Wonders oil into a basin filled with water and then rinse as last bath.

  2. Place 2 drops into the palm and rub anti clockwise with flat palm. Cup your hands together over your nose and inhale deeply.

  3. Rub 2 or more drops of oil on your chest, neck, wrists or under your nose and ears and enjoy the fragrance throughout the day.

  4. To maximize benefits, you can also add few drops in your body lotion, shower gels, shampoo, massage oil including in your aromatherapy diffuser.

Avoid heat and light. We recommend you to keep essential oils in a cool, dry place. Keep it out of reach from children.

Yes. 7 Wonders are essential oil extracted from plants. It is natural and does not contain harmful materials.  It’s safe to use even you are pregnant.

However, if you have any allergy or do not feel well when you are using it. Please stop using immediately and consult doctor.

7 Wonders is suitable for everyone who above 12 years old.

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