Better Life with Gritz Dropship

Earn more than RM 5,000 a month by just sharing!

3 Simple Steps For Better Life

1. Register

Fill up the Gritz Dropship form to register

2. Share

Share the dropship links through Facebook, Instagram or Whatssap.

3. Get G-Points

Get G-Points if someone buy within 180 days after clicking your link.

Gritz dropship is not for everyone...

Gritz Dropship Secret

Gritz Dropship is not for everyone…

Before I continue let me ask you something.

What is your purpose and goal in life?

Do you want to have a better life for you and your family?

Rate on a scale of 1 to 10.

10 if you really want to have good life where you can spend for your family without worry of the money.

If is 10, please continue reading. Else please leave… This is not for you.

Gritz Dropship is only for you…

If you are damn serious of making you and your family life better. You want your kids to have better education. You want your family to be happy. Then stay on…

Imagine what you could do if you have extra RM 5,000 a month by just sharing.

Buy your family good meals without looking at the price tag? Order anything you like so you and your family can truly enjoy the meals without worrying of the bill.

Pay for car installment? So you and your family can drive a good and safe car around?

Pay for house installment? So you and your family can live in a better environment?

Travel with your family so that you can have a memorable time with your loved one.

No matter what’s your purpose…

You want to have better quality of life for you and your family.


But you do not know how you can earn extra income. You have tried but it doesn’t help much.

And you do not have enough time.

If you are serious of getting better life. Try Gritz Dropship.

Is very simple.

You just need to share.

And we will do the rest

We will do the marketing to convince 

You just wait rewards and enjoy your time with your family.

Why Gritz Dropship?

No stock

No Inventory

You do not need to keep product at home.

No Shipping

No Shipping

We do the shipping direct to customer.

No Marketing

No Marketing

We will do all the marketing. You just share in social media.

No Customer Service

No Customer Service

We will do the customer service.

Unlimited Earnings

Unlimited Earnings

Sky is the only limit. You can earn as much as you can.

Work From Anywhere

Work from Anywhere

You can work from anywhere you want. You just need a phone to share.

How Gritz Dropship works?

Gritz Dropship Share

1. You share

Log in to your Dropship account in “My Dropship Account”. Then visit any page, blog post or product post and click the “Facebook” or “WhatsApp” button to share.


2. Customer order

Customer buy from our website by clicking your dropship link within 180 days.


3. We process the order

Our Gritz team will process the order immediately. 

No Shipping

4. We ship directly to the customer

Our Gritz team will arrange the delivery with our trusted partner. We will ship directly to the customer.


5. Your receive your G-Points

You will receive your commission. Where you can convert to G-Points and exchange for discount on products. If you don’t, you get payout every 7th of the month.

First Multilevel Dropship in Malaysia

Get G-Points fast with friends!

The limit is the sky. You can have unlimited G-Points.

If anybody join dropship after purchase from you link, they will be automatically below you. 

This means if someone buy from their link, you will get G-Points as well.

You can also invite your friend to join as dropship by sharing them this page with Facebook or Whatssap button after you have log in as Dropshipper. 

How much can you get pay?


  • Everybody will get 3 friends to join dropshipper
  • Everybody is having 200 friends in Facebook
  • 3% of Facebook friends click the link and buy from Gritz
  • Commission based on ONE 7 Wonders at RM 169.

Can you imagine how much G-Points can you earn if you get more friends to join dropshipper. Also in average, everybody having at least 500 FB friends nowadays.

1 G-Points = RM 1

You do the calculation…

Notes: Swipe right on Table to see more or Rotate your phone to landscape mode to see full table.

LevelCommission %No of DropshipperTotal Friends in FB3% FB Friends BuyYou Get (G-Points)
----Grand Total7,963

How to register Gritz Dropship?

Limited slots

7 slots left in January 2022!

Registration closing soon! 65%


We only accept you to join our Dropship Program if you truly love our products.

And the products have transfrom your life into better version of yourself.

This is to ensure that you share our love to your friends that you think are serious in making their life better.

Due to limited slots, if you register and be inactive. We will disqualify you FOREVER and keep the slots for those who are serious of getting a better life.

If you think you are serious on getting a better life…

Fill up the form and we will interview you before we accept your registration.

Registration is FREE.

Click the “Register Now!” button to register.



Gritz Dropship is a partnership program where you can earn G-Points by sharing our website.

You share any of our website URL after you logged in. And you get G-Points if somebody buy anything from us within 180 days after clicking the URL you share.

In simple term:

  1. You register as dropshipper and wait for approval.
  2. Once you get approved, log in as dropshipper.
  3. Share any website URL by clicking the Facebook Share button and WhatsApp Button.
  4. You get your commission where you can convert it to G-Points to get discount when you buy products.
  5. If you don’t convert, it will be payout as cash to you.
  1. You don’t need to have capital to start a business.
  2. You don’t need  to keep the products as inventory.
  3. You don’t need to arrange for shipping. We will do the shipping to customers.
  4. You don’t need to do the marketing. We will do it for you.
  5. You don’t need to do any customer service.
  6. Is very simple, you just need to share!
  • Level 1: 15%
  • Level 2: 5%
  • Level 3: 3%
  • Level 4: 3%
  • Level 5: 2%
  • Level 6: 2%

For example:

  1. You join as Dropshipper and you share the URL.
  2. Farah bought a bottle of 7 Wonders from Gritz within 180 days after clicking your URL. You will get 15% G-Points. (RM169 x 15% = 25 G-Points)
  3. If Farah join Gritz Dropship. She will be under you.
  4. If she share the URL and Suria buy by clicking Farah’s dropship URL, you get 5% G-Points. (RM169 x 5% = 8 G Points)

We only allowed Gritz customer to join Gritz Dropship. This is because we think that if you personally experience good results and change with Gritz Essential Oils, you will share your love and the awesome transformation to your friends with a true heart. Hoping people surrounding can have better life.

  1. Click the “Register Now!” button.
  2. Fill up the form.
  3. Our team will call you for interview.
  4. You will receive notification by email whether you are successful.

About Gritz Dropship

  1. Log in to your dropship account in “My Dropship” Page.Dropship Login
  2. Go to any page. Eg: Homepage, any blog or product page.
  3. Click the Facebook button to share in Facebook or WhatsApp button to WhatsApp your friend.
  4. When they buy within 180 days after they click the link. You get the commission.

There are 2 ways to get downline:

  1. Those who click any of your dropship URL. Whether they purchase or not. If they apply for Gritz dropship within 180 days and accept by our team. He/she will be automatically be under you.
  2. You can also invite them with our Dropship Page. But make sure you are logged into your account.

Note: If you introduce your friend to join as Gritz Dropship. But you notice your friend is not under your downline. Email us the followings at

  • Username (Your friend)
  • Email (Your friend)
  • Email (Yours)
  1. Go to “Referrals” tab in “My Dropship” Page.
  2. Click “Convert all unpaid commissions to loyalty points – click here” if you want to convert all commissions to G-Points.
  3. Click “Convert to Points” if you just want to convert single or few of the commissions to G-Points instead of all.Dropship Convert Reward Points
  4. Visit “G-Points” Tab in “My Account”. You will notice your G-Points has been converted with the message “Converted affiliate commission”.Gritz Dropship G-Points converted
  5. Make any purchase and click “Apply Discount” when you checkout.Gritz G-Points Discount

If you have not convert it into G-Points as above. It will be automatically payout as cash by 7th every month.

How to use "My Dropship" dashboard?

  1. Click the “My Dropship” on top of the page.
  2. Key in your Username and Password.Dropship Login

Gritz Dropship URLs tab

  1. This is your dropship ID number.
  2. This is your dropship URL for you to share to get commission. You will notice that all of your dropship URL that you share is in this structure. no/
  3. This is the Manual way to copy any of the URL in the website and convert into your dropship URL.

Gritz Dropship Referrals tab

  1. This is where you can convert to G-Points to exchange or get discount for products.
  2. This indicate the commission is coming from which level of your downline.
  3. This indicate how much is the commission from the sales?
  4. This indicate whether the commission has been paid or unpaid.
  5. This indicate the date when the commission is earned.

Gritz Dropship Earnings Tab

  1. This shows you the commission % you will get from each different level.
  2. This indicates the total earnings you make either unpaid or paid (including those convert to G-Points).

Gritz Dropship Network Tab

Network tab shows you information about your network or downline:

  • How many downline you have on each level.
  • How much your downline earn whether is paid or unpaid.

Gritz Dropship Payouts Tab

This tab shows you the Date and Amount we have paid and transfer to the Bank you have given to us.

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