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Gritz Rich Set B

Rich Essential Oil Set B

Reduce hair fall and moisturize your hair.

RM 259 RM 233.10 (10% OFF!)

Are you having hair loss? Have you ever felt seemingly out of the blue, sighs sadly, “I’m losing my HAIR and my hair is getting thinner!”. You also notice your there are more hair scattered on the floor and easily gets stuck in a comb while combing hair?

Rich Essential Oil Benefits

  • Increase the thickness, elasticity of the hair and strengthen it.
  • Prevent hair from falling off
  • Increase blood flow and nutrients to the scalp
  • Your hair will become more buoyant, thicker and fuller

Are you having Hair Loss?

You notice that your hair fall is getting more? And you are so worried that it will get even worse?

You feel so uneasy. And you realized that you wasn’t as confident as before?

I truly understand how you feel. 

I have serious hair loss problem too after I delivery my first kid. This is why I totally understand how you feel when you look at your hair loss and feel so helpess.

Are you facing these signs of hair loss?

Women Hair Loss Wide Parting

More Visible Parting

Is your parting has getting wider? And there isn’t a way to cover it the way you used to? And you always have to look for certain angle to take photo so that you look nice. And you always have a feeling that you wasn’t looking good?

Women Hair Loss Comb with Hair

More hair in your comb

Having a few hairs in your comb or brush is normal. But do you start to see more hair than usual and you feel that is getting worse? Every time after you comb your hair and you look at it, you just feel uncomfortable?

Women Hair Loss More Hair on Floor

More hair on floor, sofa or pillow

Do you see more than your usual amount of hair loss on floor, sofa or pillow. And the men in your house always complaining about it. You have to sweep or vacuum your floor every single day? Do you feel annoying?

Women Hair Loss More Hair in Toilet

More hair in the shower drain

Every time after you wash your hair there is large amount of hair in the drain? And if you don’t clean every day, the water will clogs up when taking bath? Do you feel annoying and troublesome about it?

This is how you can change...

Thick Hair

Thicker Hair

Based on research, the ingredients is proven to help you get at least an 11% increase in hair growth as well as an increase in hair thickness, with hair diameter increasing by more than 37 percent compared to placebo. In short, your hair will become thicker, stronger and less likely to fall. Imagine how would you look and feel like when you have a beautiful silky hair.

Healthy Scalp

Healthy Scalp

The ingredients is also full of vitamins, minerals, anti-inflammatory and antioxidant component that are good for your scalp. It can helps you get less damage from sun exposure as well. In short, healthy scalp means beautiful and healthy hair. And hair is symbol of beauty, pride and identity to us as a strong women.


Looks Good Feel Awesome

It short, you feel that your hair is moisturized but not oily. And most important is you start experience less hair fall. You start to notice less hair scattering around on your floor. And the men in your house stop complaining about it.

But most important is how you feel about yourself with beautiful and strong hair. Imagine how this would further impact your social life and even career. When you feel confidence and great every single day.

What they say...

“Before this, I feel panic and lack of confidence when I notice my hair loss is getting serious. When I first started using Rich, I don’t really believe in it. But after a week I notice baby hair start to grow on my thinning spot. After 2 weeks I notice the hair fall no longer serious.”

Businesswomen, Mom.

“Before this my hair is dry and I notice a lot of hair loss on floor and stuck on comb. Now my hair is soft and my scalp no longer feel itchy.”

Librarian, Mom.

Reviewed by 07 customer(s)

  • Avatar


    First time try it

    Recommend by a friend and hope to see good results after use finished two bottles. The smell is good!

    December 11, 2021
    Verified Purchase

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  • Avatar

    Maria Isa

    Pemenang Giveaway @FB

    Saya dah cuba RICH. Ringan saja texture dia.. anak saya pun pakai sekali.. wangi pun just nice, rambut jadi halus dan lembut. Selalu pakai serum kan, bau dia overwhelming..atau rasa berat je kepala. RICH tak ada rasa mcm tu.
    Sesiapa nak beli serum, saya cadangkan pakai RICH ni. Berbaloi dengan harga dia. Best!

    June 14, 2021

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  • Avatar


    Saya dah gunakan GRITZ RICH NATURAL HAIR CARE dekat 2 minggu da sapu di kening saya setiap kali sebelum tido sebab saya punya kening amat halus.. Orang yang tak kenal saya mesti pelik dan akan tanya mana kening? hehe Alhamdulillah kening dah lebat dan ad tumbuh anak rambut di kening.. Seronok sangat rasa.. Terima kasih GRITZ ❤️

    March 15, 2021

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  • Avatar

    Amirrul aqil bin basran

    Rambut gugur kerana panas

    Saya berkerja di construction site dan sentiasa terdedah dengan cuaca panas. Jadi rambut asyik berminyak dan gugur. Banyak jugak rambut rosak. Tetapi bila pakai minyak ni, rambut rasa berangin je dan ringan je rasa kepala ni. Banyak perubahan lepas pakai minyak ni, rambut makin lama makin kurang gugur, rambut rosak pun makin berkurang. Tak best kalau saya sorang yang rasa perubahan ni, saya akan suggest pada kawan2 saya lepas ni. I love Gritz. Tq for help me ❤️❤️

    February 24, 2021

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  • Avatar


    Kepala rasa ringan

    Suka pakai Rich sebab cepat meresap dan tidak melekit. Kepala pun rasa ringan dan bau minyak yang wangi.

    February 20, 2021

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  • Avatar

    Nur Atiqah

    Rambut gugur berkurangan

    Selepas melahirkan anak ke 3 , rambut saya mengalami keguguran yang banyak sehinhga saya hampir botak. Setelah diperkenalkan dengan produk Gritz Rich, saya boleh nampak kesannya dalam 3 minggu sahaja. Rambut saya mula tumbuh kembali dan juga rambut gugur saya berkurangan setiap hari. Terima kasih Gritz..

    January 12, 2021

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    • Gritz

      February 15, 2021

      Hi Atiqah!

      Terima kasih untuk review anda mengenai rich hair growth. Kami sangat berbesar hati yang anda telah mendapat kesan positif seawal 3 minggu. Teruskan penggunaan dan anda akan nampak hasil yang lebih baik!


  • Jason


    Hair growth in 3 weeks!

    I started to lose my hair at age of 27. I have tried different hair growth shampoo and see no effect. In beginning I do not really believe in using essential oil for hair growth. But no harm trying since first trial is free. But surprisingly after 3 weeks, I see my hair start to grow. Rich also smell very good! It does not smell like those herbal pungent smell. It smells good and I really love it. Definitely will continue using it and introduce to my friend.

    January 7, 2021

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    • Gritz

      February 15, 2021

      Hi Jason,

      Thank you so much for taking the time to leave us this amazing review..


What's in it?

Gritz Rich Argan oil


Argan oil is packed with antioxidants vitamins that bring numerous benefits to your hair. It helps moisture your hair and boost shine. It also contain anti-inflammatory properties that improve your scalp health. In short, it helps in getting your scalp and hair get healthy.

Gritz Rich castor oil


According to Dermatologist Dr. Deepali Bhardwaj, Castor oil is the best oil to enrich your scalp. It contains ricinoleic acid and omega-6 fatty acids and therefore when you massage this oil onto your scalp, it helps in increasing the blood vessel dilation which increases the flow of oxygen-rich and nutrient-rich blood to the powerhouse of your follicle, the dermal papilla, or the root of the hair. In short, it helps on getting healthy scalp and hair to reduce hair loss.

Gritz Rich Peppermint Oil


Peppermint essential oil contains around 40% menthol which believe can increases your blood circulation in the scalp. Its also capable of increasing the number and the depth of hair follicles.

Gritz Rich Rosemary Oil


Rosemary essential oil is best known to promote healthy hair growth in the long run by improving micro-circulation on your scalp and promote the nerve growth.

Gritz Rich Thyme Oil


Inflammation is known as one of the major factors in ageing and hair loss. Studies showed that, by using Thyme, it help promote hair growth by both stimulating the scalp and actively preventing hair loss with their excellent anti-inflammatory properties.

7 Wonders Lavender


Lavender oil can speed up your hair growth because Lavender has properties that can generate the growth of your body cells. It also has antimicrobial and antibacterial properties, which can improve your scalp health.

7 Wonders Geranium


If you want healthy hair, you need a healthy scalp. Geranium essential oil can regulate dryness, excess oil and the production of sebum on your scalp. Study on 2017 published in BMC Complementary and Alternative Medicine found that by balancing secretions around the hair follicles, it’s an effective agent for hair growth.

Gritz Rich Olive Oil


Olive oil certainly can help to soften flakes on the scalp. It is also helping you to lessen the itching and inflammation associated with dandruff. At the same time, it can penetrate the hair strand to make your hair nourish and moisture. The essential nutrients and monounsaturated fatty acids in this oil will also help you in strengthening your hair from the root to the tip.


RICH Hair Care Serum is a formulation of 100% pure natural essential oils with various plants extract of Argan, Castor, Thyme, Lavender, Rosemary, Peppermint, Olive and Geranium.

Daily use of RICH improves hair loss or hair thinning problem. The essential oils in RICH Hair Care Serum has the properties that penetrates through your skin and stimulate blood flow to your hair follicle. Thus promoting hair growth and preventing hair loss.

There are no side effects as RICH Hair Care Serum do not contain harmful chemicals. No synthetics, no mixers, no sulfates. The ingredients are natural extracted essential oils. However, if you face any allergy or discomfort, please stop immediately and consult doctor.

It usually take about 4 to 5 months to see visible effect.

However, if you pair it with a good lifestyle such as having good nutrition, managing stress and having good sleep, it will be faster to see the visible effect.

However, the results may vary for different person.

Apply 5 – 10 drops on your scalp after hair wash and massage gently. Do not rinse your hair. Use twice a day.

The product should be stored out of the reach of children and avoid direct heat and light. It is recommended that you keep essential oils in a cool, dry place.

RICH hair care serum is suitable for all gender and age who facing hair loss issue.

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