7 Wonders Women's Hormone Balance Essential Oils

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Looking for hormone balance essential oils?

Try Gritz 7 Wonders essential oils with special unique formulation extracted from 7 types of flower with a lot of amazing benefits that help with hormone imbalance issue as below:

  • Improve your mood management
  • Improve energy level
  • Improve insomnia problem to sleep better
  • Help in weight management

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48 reviews for 7 Wonders Women’s Hormone Balance Essential Oils


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    7wonders memang terbaik

    Bila 7wonders sampai, bukak parcel masyaAllah wangi betul
    Saya jenis yg tak boleh bau perfume2 ape jenis pun, selalunya akan sakit kepala
    Mmg sampai stress la. Dh lama tak pakai perfume
    Dgn 7wonders ni lah perfume natural sy skrg ni . Memang in love sgt. Lepas Mandi sapu 7wonders kekal segar, wangi, ceria. Dah kurang marah2 , kurang stress. Pendek kata memang best la 7wonders ni. Rugi sape tak Cuba ..

    October 14, 2021
    Verified Purchase

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    7 wonders

    Baru start guna minggu ni, masa parcel sampai I kena outstation so baru sempat nak guna 😅

    7w memang bestlah! I think each and every woman should grab one for yourself! Sebab 7w dahlah wangi, can boost happy mood (feeling dia best sangat sampai taktaw nak cakap macam mana 😂) , rasa segar and nyaman..

    Nak usaha try mandi hari-hari (at least 21days straight, doakan ye kawan-kawan 🤗).. Baru first time guna essential oil tapi dah ada feeling yang best macam ni..

    October 9, 2021
    Verified Purchase

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    Special essential oil that I will definitely recommend to all!

    7 Wonders essential oil is really special! The smell is so calming and it helps to uplift our mood especially when feeling down.
    I will definitely recommend 7 Wonders as it helps to support a healthy emotional health with its natural ingredients made from 7 types of precious essential oils.

    September 25, 2021

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    Liena Aziz

    Titisan Emas

    Time buka kotak pun dah wangi…so, mmg wonder how does it look and smell?…once buka dropper…wow…clear yellow gold liquid, with a wonderful smell…husband dri jauh terus datang…wangi katanya…mmg best…diffuse utk benefit bersama 1 family…no wonder it’s called 7 wonder. Love it!

    September 13, 2021

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    7 Wonders, mother wonders!

    Masa mula2 parcel ni sampai, 1 office bau wangi.. saya dah try letak dalam mandian. memang fresh,badan segar..I love it!

    September 8, 2021
    Verified Purchase

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Lavender oil, Rose Ombra oil, Rose Otto oil, Clary Sage oil, Ylang-ylang oil, Rose Geranium oil and Jasmine oil.


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